East Jesus

At the urging of my friends Royce & Nita Carlson, I’ve made the trip out to East Jesus in Slab City, California twice this year. It’s a very special place, with its own close-knit community & culture, and some fantastic art every where you look. Check it out at http://eastjesus.org/

The last time I was there, Frank let me build a funky, kinetic mobile in the sculpture garden. Much to my delight, it worked just as I’d envisioned – sinuously spinning in the hot, gusty desert winds.


After helping Royce re-hang the main vehicle gate to the residential part of East Jesus, we agreed that it needed some kind of adornment, maybe in the vein of an Arizona ranch gate. I knocked these together out of an old valve spring compressor & a broken connecting rod of some sort, and attached them to the gate:





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