Sheet Metal is No Fun At All

Discovery Church

ThisĀ startedĀ as a fun project – making a double-sided sign for a friend’s church inside an antique wagon tire he found while mountain biking in the forest (Shhh – don’t tell the US Forest Service). The idea was to use 16 ga. mild steel for the main piece, and add the name & logo elements in stainless with plug welds from the back. It got especially crafty making the letters & symbols in different sizes so I could do the welds offset on each side.

It was a good plan, really it was.

Having never worked much in sheet metal, I had no clue just how much time I was going to spend chasing warpage – every time I hit it with a grinder to take off the forge scale, welded on either side, or just looked at it wrong I found myself dealing with a wavy potato chip where I wanted a flat disc. Eventually, we called it a draw, and the church really loves it, so all’s well that ends well.


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