Knife making is a specialty unto itself, with designs that reflect the tens of thousands of uses us smart monkeys have figured out for this incredibly useful tool. I like traditional designs and carbon steels, but have done a couple of stainless blades – including the sheepsfoot sailing knife below for the captain of a tall ship off the coast of Maine.

Sheepsfoot Sailing Knife

Stainless Sailing Knife for Dave with Sheepsfoot blade

For a while, I was making a lot of blades using the wheel bearing races & transmission parts from old Land Cruisers (In those days, I had a ’73 FJ40; these days it’s an ’85 FJ60). It’s a good, tough steel that does a decent job of holding an edge. One of the first ones I made was the little two-finger knife below, which is still one of my favorites. In a simpler time when I worked on Capitol Hill, I used to wear this one on my belt under a suit, and the Capitol Hill Police never once objected to the 1.25″ blade that I’d toss in the bowl with keys and change for the trip through the X-Ray.

Two Finger Knife

Two-Finger Knife


Land Cruiser Bearing Knife

Knife from a Land Cruiser Wheel Bearing

Land Cruiser Knife

Knife from a Land Cruiser Wheel Bearing

II’ve done a few knives for friends, and for various silent auctions and raffles; the middle knife above found a new home raising money at the Catamount Cruiser Challenge in New Hampshire.

Nebraska Hunting Knife

Hunting Knife donated to Nebraska Sustainable Agriculture Society

Hunting Knife for Nebraska Sustainable Ag Auction

Knife for Defenders of Wildlife's Carnivores Conference 2004


Knife Blank, Carnivores 2004

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