Hoopty Roadster Driver

Rick Hartner of Sitting Duck Studio in Kirkland, Arizona is an amazing artist, skilled metal craftsman, and a very generous friend; most of my work these days is done in his solar-powered shop at the foot of Kirkland Mountain.

As part of a sculpture of an old-style roadster he made entirely of recycled/reclaimed metal for the San Diego Botanic Garden, Rick asked me to build the driver. From the welding-wire cigar smoke, to the antique doorknob knees, to the sheet metal flip flops (the easiest shoes I could figure out how to make), this was an incredibly fun project. For the final installation, Rick added a fanciful dog in the passenger seat, complete with tongue wagging in the imaginary breeze.

Roadster Driver

Detail of Driver for Rick Hartner's "Hoopty Roadster"


Hoopty Roadster

Rick Hartner's Hoopty Roadster at San Diego Botanic Garden

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