Practical Iron

Some of my favorite projects are practical items that don’t have to look the part. One of the earliest pieces I was ever proud enough of to display was the doorknocker that is on our front door to this day.

Door Knocker

Our Door Knocker

Another one that I see every single day is Ann-Marie’s Christmas present from a couple of years back. This pot rack is simple enough in design & function, but the interesting part is the Alfa Romeo rear bumper that frames it.

Pot Rack

Pot Rack from Alfa Romeo Bumper

One of the odder projects I’ve done is a battery clamp for my 1998 Ducati ST2; I’d ridden down the hill to the Sitting Duck Studio in Kirkland and noticed that the oversized aluminum clamp I’d made to fit the battery had a crack. When you’ve got forge & anvil handy, that kind of thing is an opportunity, not a problem.

Battery Clamp

Battery Clamp for our 1998 Ducati ST2




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