Itty-Bitty Blades

I’ve always enjoyed knife making and have been proud of nearly all of the blades I’ve produced – which makes it kind of funny that while I nearly always have a knife in my pocket, it’s hardly ever one of mine.

These Baby Box Cutters are an attempt to change that.

For most of my daily cutting needs, the best tool is often a utility knife, AKA a box cutter – those ugly, functional, disposable knives that live in every tool box and most desk & kitchen drawers. Whether it’s opening a box (duh!), trimming a loose thread or doing some quick harvesting in the garden, a very short, very sharp blade is just the trick.

Here’s my idea: a knife that does the short, sharp part – while deleting the ugly and disposable – has a place in my pocket day in and day out if I can make it small enough and thin enough to fit in a very flat sheath, and be entirely forgettable until I need it.

These are my first two attempts:

Made from tag-end bits of 1080 steel from other tool projects, the idea is to make them simple, inexpensive, tough, and able to take an extremely keen edge, with a shape that works either with two fingers on the very simple handle, or pinched between thumb & forefinger on the cutout. I’ll be swapping between these two and a couple of other blade designs in the same size over the next month or two to find out what I like best. Then I’ll make more!

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