Knock Knock, Who’s There?

One of my favorite projects of the past couple of years is a series of door knockers that started with a commission from a friend at The Ducati Monster Forum (enjoy one of my favorite DMF threads here, the Crafty Basterds discussion).

The idea was intended to capture an image from one of the members’ childhoods, a smiling moon from a grandfather clock that gave comfort in a time that had little. The knocker for Gerry, AKA Rat900, was one of the best things I’ve ever done, mostly because he let me know how it touched exactly the place in his heart I was hoping to reach. Here’s Gerry’s piece, the start of the journey; sadly, my photography skills weren’t up to getting the contrast between shiny brass & polished stainless:

IMG_20111117_183857 (1)

I’d made a pair of the brass-covered discs; one using lots of flux & pure brass rod, and the other using re-melted brass that had a high copper content, and no flux. The latter resulted in a much rougher, redder final product.

IMG_20111016_103234 (1)

That rougher disc found its way into a knocker for my friend Jay, with a design that I like very much.


Finally, I made a third variant, this one for another Ducati Monster Forum stalwart, one who’d been a good friend of Gerry’s.


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