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Smithing at Colvin Run Mill, Virginia

Howdy! I’m Brad DeVries, the blacksmith, bookkeeper, janitor and main critic of Triangle Forge of Prescott, Arizona. In addition to traditional smithing projects, I’m available for artistic & functional metal installations; let’s see what we can imagine together!

I got my start behind the anvil at Colvin Run Mill, a historical demonstration park just outside of Washington DC in Fairfax County, Virginia. Since everything I did was in front of an audience, I quickly learned not to be too specific about what I was making until there was no longer any chance of turning back & making something simpler if I messed up. That, and it’s handy to have a ten second description of the differences between a blacksmith and a farrier.

Triangle Forge started out as 3TriangleForge, when I made a logo stamp out of my initials, BD. Because triangles are a whole lot easier to make than complex curves on a tiny little stamp, the B became two equilateral triangles, and the D a larger one next to them. While the triangles have migrated a bit from their original locations, it’s still me.

Contact me if you’ve got something traditional or modern in mind, and we’ll see what we can do to turn that idea into metal at a fair price!

Brad DeVries          Email to Triangle Forge        928.499.7726

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