Hand Forged Hearts

One of my favorite items to make at the anvil are forged hearts - usually made from used horseshoes or reclaimed rebar, something about the process of hand-forging steel into a familiar, comforting shape turns cold, hard metal into something far more inviting. They're easy to ship, and I sell them for $20 (horseshoe) or $15 (rebar), delivered to your mailbox. Or maybe someone you love?

Contact me at the email below to get one - or more!

Custom Knives

I love forging knives and other tools, especially custom pieces. I've made hunting knives, tiny blades, tantos, even a sheepsfoot-style sailing knife for the captain of a four-masted tall ship. I choose the proper steel for a given application, though sometimes it's fun to use scavenged high-carbon steels; I've found good uses for various vintage Toyota Land Cruiser parts.

Let me know if you have a custom knife in mind - we can make it happen!